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Our Story

 in 2546, Spa Clean has grown to become a leading producer of household cleaning products,
with a focus on the innovative Spa Clean dusting liquid. The brand gained recognition as the pioneer in this field, offering solutions beyond traditional cleaning methods. It has earned acclaim from both public and private organizations, including government agencies, educational institutions, hospitals, and various tourist destinations.

In 2554, Spa Clean successfully entered the Modern Trade sector, ensuring quality and affordability for consumers. The company prioritizes product quality and standards under the 'Spa Clean' brand, aiming to establish stability and sustainability in the market.
In addition to organizational recognition, Spa Clean's product development team has diversified its offerings to meet evolving consumer trends in home cleanliness. The floor cleaner has emerged as a flagship product, contributing to Spa Clean's current status.
          Apart from, product quality control, we also provide satisfying after sales services by our chemist team, marketing team and highly experienced technicians. KCCP 2011 Co., Ltd services are detailed as following:
  • Product Guarantee: We offer full refund if our products are not as good as demonstration. We kindly provide training and special cleaning techniques. Our main purpose is to save our customers’ time and budget.
  • Solution Consultant: To prevent repetitive of the same problems, we kindly provide consultant services and best solution.
  • Marketing: To be aware of any kind of problem, our technicians and marketing teams will be supporting users to achieve the quality standard.
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Approval: Every types of our goods and services are regards as high quality ingredients with cost-effective. And helps saving users efforts and time in cleaning. And most importantly, our products are certified safety and quality standard by Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Public Health, Department of Medical Science, and Department of Livestock Development. The products also contain a product safety data sheet and have quality assurance documents.
Trade Mark